I’m that guy at the party that you meet and think..

"WHO was that guy? I hate him." Or "Wow ok... He's someone I need to get to know." - there really is no in-between.

What you can learn from an Unhappy Customer

If you’re in business for any amount of time - you’re going to have unhappy customers at some point. It’s inevitable - here's how to deal with unhappy customers.

Meet tawk.to in Paris?

After the success of the tawk.to meetups in Asia-Pacific, and our US meetups earlier in the year, today we're announcing an initiative to get closer to the massive tawk.to community throughout Europe - with the first stop in Paris, France.

Meet tawk.to > USA

We attribute the lion share of our growth to date to our commitment to being as close as possible to our community - Listening, learning and growing with you. The tawk.to application has been shaped by your feedback and ongoing input - so after the success of our meetup events last year in Asia-Pacific, today we're announcing an initiative to get even closer to tawkers, by meeting as many of you as possible - in person, throughout the USA.