Top 10 traits of successful entrepreneurs

The heart-warming thing about today’s globalized marketplace, facilitated largely by technology, is how much more level the entrepreneurial playing field has become. To be a successful businessperson, you don’t need to have come from a well-off family, hang out in the right circles, or graduate from a fancy university.

How to gamify your business

Gamification is the technique of incorporating gaming mechanics into elements and processes that your customers and employees use every day. It's a way to increase engagement, improve employee satisfaction, create motivation, and ultimately enhance your return on investment.

5 tips for generating content marketing ideas

Content marketing is an invaluable asset for companies and businesses of all shapes and sizes. A good content marketer has to keep up with new content, storytelling, and visuals that attract the right people.

How to score your first web developer job

Here’s our rundown of how to get your first job as a web developer. These tips will help you get started and allow you to stand out amongst the crowd of other applicants. It'll take some hard work and persistence, but to see results you need to put in the effort. Good luck on your mission!