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Onsite Storage Solutions sells and rents new and used shipping containers world-wide.

People often ask Gregg how he started his business, to which he says it was out of necessity – back in 2000 he found himself out of work, and needed to find a storage solution; after getting married and with a lot of hustle and grind Gregg and his wife went door to door selling one container at a time, operating from their kitchen table.

Slowly as the business grew, Gregg started hiring and was always on the look out for new technologies to leverage what they do best – which is providing the best possible Customer Experience; which today, often means meeting their customers where they are; in messaging.

That’s how they came across tawk.to, initially installing the free chat software they started experimenting and were amazed by the hundreds of chats.

"We started experimenting with chat.. and we were amazed, we started getting hundreds of chats - tawk.to ($1/hr hired agents) has enabled us to be responsive, it's worked out well."

But what was happening is the business processes weren’t capable of keeping up with demand – that’s when they realized that tawk.to offered hired chat agents for just $1/hr.

“When we were doing it ourselves, our ability to respond to chats in a timely fashion and you’re answering phone calls etc. – if you have a delay; you miss that opportunity – though with dedicated chat agents, you’re able to respond right away “

Gregg Schoenborn, CEO

Onsite Storage Solutions now delivers 24×7-365 live chat support for all pre and post-sales customer service, setting the benchmark for exemplary customer experience in the onsite storage industry.

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