Kreative Tek Solutions

IT Solutions
Kreative Tek Solutions is primarily a software development company, however, we also provide hardware development, networking, and common IT services. At Kreative Tek Solutions our main purpose is to provide services that assists clients with simple tasks such as creating macros and/or custom scripts for an automated process which usually results in an increase in efficiency and productivity. We also assist in tasks that are more complex such as setting up a business from the ground up (ex: Setting up networks, desktops, servers, getting and installing software at a cheaper rate than what the market is going for, creating websites, creating automated systems, and so much more). Since we are considered to be a website design company and software development firm we offer several different services regarding that which can be found on our website in the service section. Since we are in the technological era, having a digital source for the business is vital for business growth. At Kreative Tek Solutions we believe technology is here to assist us to help us perform at our maximum by reducing our direct effort. Our technological culture relies on different sorts of digital advertisement, and what better advertisement is there than a website or a mobile application. It is better to work smarter not harder. Kreative Tek Solutions has completed several projects over the years and every project we work on is bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Which means we cannot disclose any information regarding the project including taking credit for the project unless we explicitly get permission from our client and for that reason, there are several projects we have completed that is not listed and shown in our portfolio section.

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