Citadel Servers

Citadel Servers is a hosting provider that offers a range of services, including game server hosting, cloud computing, and dedicated servers. Here are some key points about Citadel Servers:

Game Server Hosting:
Citadel Servers provides powerful game servers for popular PC games such as ARK: Survival Evolved, RUST, Minecraft, and more. They offer over 200 gameservers and support many one-click mod installations. Their game control panel is designed to provide the best features available. All game servers are deployed instantly, and upgrades can be easily managed from the client area.

Cloud Web Hosting:
Citadel Servers offers fast, reliable, and secure cloud web hosting with 24×7 support.

Their cloud hosting plans start from $2.69/month (excluding VAT).

Virtual Private Servers (VPS):
Power up your website, game server, or other solutions with a custom Virtual Private Server. VPS plans start from $5.39/month (excluding VAT).

Dedicated Servers:
Citadel Servers provides high-performance, highly configurable, and optimized dedicated servers. Dedicated server plans start from $52.99/month (excluding VAT).

Customer Support:
They have a team of support representatives ready to assist you. You can create a support ticket for any questions or issues.

Their staff maintains a knowledgebase wiki with answers to common questions and helpful guides for managing your game server.

Instant Setup:
Once your game server is created, you’ll receive a welcome email with connection details.

Affiliate Program:
Refer customers to Citadel Servers via their affiliate program and earn up to 12.5% commission on referred customers for the life of your account.

Citadel Servers is known for high-quality game hosting and dedicated game hosting servers, backed by enterprise hardware and advanced DDoS protection.

In summary, Citadel Servers offers reliable hosting solutions for gamers, developers, and businesses, ensuring optimal performance and excellent customer service.

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