IT Solutions
Optimum Drives is driven by a vision to transform ourselves into a full-fledged IT Hardware & Software Reseller and System Integrator, providing specialized services in Computer systems upgrades and revamping complete IT Infrastructure. We commit to go a long way in a very short timeframe, with our tech-savvy experts and product analysts.

Our goal is to mature into the IT E-commerce industry for our promising, unmatched products and services. We host a comprehensive inventory of computer hardware products, including computer memory, hard drives, CPUs, and other accessories from all flagship brands of routers, servers, desktops, laptops, and notebooks of all makes and models.Over the years, as we worked offline, we were successful in accomplishing hundreds of thousands of upgrades in a variety of industries. Our clientele includes organizations dealing in communications, education, legal, manufacturing, healthcare, defense, financial services, government, and more.

Optimum Drives is only driven by its customers, hence the use of our customer centric approach leads us forward for unending success. We focus on creating processes that are strictly streamlined and actively followed in order to benefit our customers at large.

When you choose to work with a tawk.to partner, you know you're dealing with an organization that is committed to customer satisfaction.

14716 BRANCHWEST DR. , TX, 77082 USA
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