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From 2011, our QR Code platform is an all-in-one solution to help you in creating successful mobile marketing campaigns to more than 50.000 users. Create dynamic QR Codes and edit their target URL anytime without the need to print the QR Code again. You can track who scanned your QR Codes to better analyze your target audience and optimize your advertising strategy.
Dynamic QR Codes + Custom design QR Codes and logos + Analytics and metrics + GPS scans location + Scan notifications + Mobile website builder + Scheduled Dynamic QR Code + Admin and User API
QR Code Business Card + QR Code 1-time redeemable coupons + QR Social Landing pages + Get Leads & Feedback + One App QR Code for all + Audio QR Codes + Create custom Landing Pages + PDF QR Code for Digital Menus + Digital guest list via QR Code
White Label Plan
QR Code Management Tool of qrd°by is also available as a White Label Platform. Brand qrd°by with your own logo and name and use our platform under your domain. Instead of our domain, you can use a custom domain and your customers will never see any reference to qrd.by.

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