CP Data Designs

IT Solutions
Who we are:
We are a team of expert consultants, designers, and developers versed in multiple fields, required for every aspect of a business’s online presence that provide various technology solutions and services for building and maintaining start-up businesses, small businesses as well as large businesses that are looking to start from scratch or implement new features or functionality to their online platforms or increase brand awareness with our fine-tuned and highly developed marketing strategies managed by industry professionals that live and breathe marketing and branding.

What we do:
We build all kinds of website applications such as customized content management systems, e-commerce solutions. We implement features for new and existing website applications like tawk.to chat payment gateway integration, API development, and a wide range of services businesses need to maintain their online presence including Graphic Design, Server Administration, Deploying to Cloud Hosting Environments like AWS, GCP, and Azure. We also do S.E.O. marketing, social media management, and content creation & curation to help your online presence grow and drive more traffic to your application.

How we do it:
First we identify our clients’ needs, then we research all relevant options and determine the most optimal solutions to meet those needs. Next we develop an implementation strategy for the optimal solution, then discuss our plan with our clients and after approval confirmation we execute the solution. We are always researching and always expanding our knowledge of the latest technologies to ensure we give our clients only the best recommendations. We lean on our combined knowledge and are avidly searching the horizon for what the future brings next, which allows us to help our clients maintain the advantage over their competitors.

When you choose to work with a tawk.to partner, you know you're dealing with an organization that is committed to customer satisfaction.

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