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  1. Tomasz says:


    We just found tawk and we LOVE it. Great app!

    I’ve been looking for a ticketing system similar to tawk and I found this post. Is the ticketing system still on your roadmap? Any ideas when it will be available? 🙂

    thanks in advance

  2. Julia says:

    this is great! it is truly THE most amazing apps that integrates so seamlessly, very intuitive to use and modify. Also you can control its behavior not to annoy visitors but be there for their support if they have questions 🙂 we love it!

  3. Eaton Munoz says:

    Wow, I think tawk.to is the most amazing chat application in the world. It is free and the development is massive.
    Very cool, I love it so much!

  4. Noble Mavely says:

    Hey, Just wanted to give a feedback.

    Feature Request:
    To set pre-defined agent at the time of loading the chat box for the visitor. In this way I can re-direct the visitors chat to a specific agent in our team who is the engagement manager of that customer. I can set the agent ID via an API call at the time of load.

  5. Sam says:

    The best chat system, i have ever used. Keep up guys; That’s an awesome team!