Timeline | tawk.to
  • 20182,000,000 Agents
    NOVEMBER - Reached a milestone of 2,000,000 agents, and 1 in every 3 people online now interact with a tawk.to widget every month.
  • 2018#1 in the world
    JULY - According to @builtwith http://tawk.to is now officially the #1 most widely used chat application in the world... not bad for a #bootstrapped #startup 🙏❤️🎉
  • 20171,000,000 Agents
    AUGUST - Reached a milestone of 1,000,000 agents, & now the #2 most widely used business chat app online.
  • 20171 Billion Engagements
    FEBRUARY - Reached a milestone of 1,000,000,000 widget engagements in a single month.
  • 2016Live Answering Beta Launch
    DECEMBER - Our "Hire an Agent for $1/hour" live answering beta opens for first 100 customers.
  • 2016Add-ons launched
    NOVEMBER - Users can now rebrand / white label the tawk.to widget and emails.
  • 2016500000 Agents
    OCTOBER - Reached a milestone of 500000 agents.
  • 2016250000 Agents
    MARCH - Reached a milestone of 250000 agents.
  • 2016Ticketing Launch
    JANUARY - Launch of the 100% Free tawk.to Ticketing system that deeply integrates with our existing live chat platform.
  • 2015Monitoring Launch
    DECEMBER - Launch of the new Monitoring Section to scale for high traffic sites.
  • 2015150000 Agents
    NOVEMBER - Reached a milestone of 150000 agents.
  • 201525 New Languages
    SEPTEMBER - Visitor widget is now available in 46 languages, and the dashboard in 16.
  • 2015100000 Agents
    AUGUST - Reached a milestone of 100000 agents.
  • 2015API released
    AUGUST - The tawk.to API has been released and is now available for public use.
  • 2015Windows app launched
    JULY - The Windows app launched and is now available for download.
  • 201550000 Agents
    MAY - Reached a milestone of 50000 agents.
  • 201540000 Agents
    APRIL - Reached a milestone of 40000 agents.
  • 2015Mac OSx app launched
    APRIL - The Max OS X App launched and is now available in the Mac App store.
  • 201520000 Agents
    FEBRUARY - Reached a milestone of 20000 agents.
  • 2015Dashboard 2.0
    JANUARY - Launched the new Dashboard version 2.0.
  • 201510000 Agents
    JANUARY - Reached a milestone of the first 10000 agents.
  • 201427 New Languages
    DECEMBER - Visitor widget translated in to 27 languages
  • 2014New Widget Design
    NOVEMBER - New Widget design launched.
  • 2014Android App available for Download
    NOVEMBER - The Android APP has moved from Beta Testers only, and is available in the main Play store.
  • 2014Sites & Pages split
    OCTOBER - Major feature "Sites & Pages" are split within the tawk.to Dashboard, to offer better flexibility to site owners.
  • 20145000 Agents
    OCTOBER - Reached a milestone of the first 5000 agents.
  • 2014iOS App Launched
    MAY - The iOS Beta app has launched and is now available in the App Store.
  • 2014Widget Languages Launched
    APRIL - English, French, German, Italian and Romanian visitor widgets launched.
  • 2014Native Android Beta Launch
    MARCH - After making the mistake of not going 'mobile first', we finally launched the native version of our Android Beta.
  • 20131000 Agents
    DECEMBER - Reached a milestone of the first 1000 agents.
  • 2013Multi Language Support
    NOVEMBER - Multi language support launched.
  • 2013Desktop Beta Launch
    OCTOBER - The Desktop Beta was launched in October at Pubcon in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • 2013Android Alpha Launch
    MAY - Android Alpha launched, using HTML5 & Wrappers.
  • 2012Desktop Alpha Launch
    AUGUST - The Desktop Alpha was Launched on our internal product sites for testing.
  • 2012Riga Office Opens
    JANUARY - Our development office expands to Riga - Latvia,
  • 2011Tawk.to is Founded
    JANUARY - Originally named 'talk.lv', the now named tawk.to was founded, in London - UK by a small team of developers.
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