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Growing up relatively poor, James' mother signed custody of him over to the US Navy at the age of 17 - after serving his country and then eventually leaving the Navy he moved to central florida to follow in his father's footsteps and work in the heating and Ac repair business.

Getting in to the AC & Heating industry was never really in James' plan, like many entrepreneurs starting a business it was more about being able to support his family and give something back to his community, with the intent of building a family-like connection with all of his customers. This family-oriented approach extends to his staff, employing a team of local technichians who get to do good work and make a great living.

But not has all been smooth sailing, initially starting the business with finance and personal savings the first attempt failed, but like any great entrepreneur; James and his wife got back up and started again - this time bootstrapping & using tools like to get ahead.
The hired agents give me relief from having to miss people. It makes us seem more professional, makes us seem bigger than we are, it keeps me from losing business.
James Cayton, Operations Manager
Using technology like Facebook and the hired chat agents, James and his team strive to continue to build a great company whilst still maintaining a small team - currently doing twice the sales volume that they did over the past few years, with only James and his wife running the company.

“I want my customers to be pampered. When people get on my website, I am able to interact with the clients live, or whisper to my agents and say "Hey, I need you to take this“

James Cayton, Operations Manager

James knows that providing a great service starts with being there for your customers so by working with the hired agents he can continue to grow his business, while the hired agents work around the clock to maximizes opportunities with the visitors on his website.

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