Perelmuter sapir israel

Website building for business in israel | e commerce projects for clients | landing pages | basically agency u get it …

Allow me to tell you that till now we have installed ur chat in a big israeli store official helmets and motorcycle stuff that already using the chat as they daily driver for customers in store > site www.daytona.co.il <

We want to exapnd the service in israel for all the market and deliver in the future
1 fully translated Hebrew app for iphone | android + website system if possible :)
2 landing pages that describe the benefits of tawk to , for potential clients
3 have official partnership with tawk to
4 create a several videos to guide customers on how to use the website and application in hebrew in Israel

The videos will contain information like :
Distraction free chat in your pocket that differentiate your personal and business life
How u can have a tone when somebody enters your website so u have real time tracking in a fun way at your store
Multiple agent chat > how a business can be manged with more than one person with ease without any worry you can create aliases and have the power to give access to your team members over the tawk messages and u have peace of mind ..
Thank you very much for delivering a really powerful system for the world-wide use , hope we exapnd and happy to hear you out as well
sapir. www.bildaweb.com

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Israel and the Occupied Territories
rabenu khananel 21
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