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Would you like to be a guest on our new Podcast?
We are launching a new weekly Podcast; and we want to share your story to the 800,000+ active users globally. Do you have an interesting story to share with other business owners?

Each week we will publish an episode that showcases businesses whom embrace messaging as a customer channel. We will talk about your business success, struggles and everything in between whilst using

It helps if you have done some radio interviews, a podcast interview or two, but experience is not required.
We are specifically looking for guests with the following:
  • A story to tell that may benefit an audience of business owners
  • A new way of doing things; something that makes you stand out
  • The ability to tell stories that engage an audience
  • The ability to have a deep and thoughtful discussion

If you'd like to be a guest, please fill out the short form below :

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