Add a Widget to WHMCS |


You can add the Widget to a WHMCS site by following these steps:

1. Open your cPanel
2. Go to public_html
3. Go to the folder where you installed WHMCS.
4. Open the folder “templates”
5. In folder “templates” open subfolder “portal” (looks like : /public_html/folder where you installed WHMCS/templates/portal/)
5. Find the file “footer.tpl” and click on it.
6. From the left side of your cPanel click on “Edit File” or “Edit File with Code Editor” option.
7. At the bottom of the page right ABOVE the </body> tag  put:

paste your JavaScript code between these tags!

When adding JavaScript to a WHMCS site you need to add these {literal} {/literal} tags before and after the JavaScript.

8. Click “Save changes” (upper right corner of page)
9. Exit from cPanel.

It should look like this:


That’s it you’re done! The widget should now appear on all pages of your WHMCS site.