Add a widget to Wix |

NEW OPTION:  There is a new option in Wix  for placing the HTML box on your site. You are no longer required to add a frozen footer (fixed position footer) to keep the widget in place while the page scrolls.

Create the HTML box and paste the widget code into the HTML BOX. Then right click on the HTML box and pin it to the screen wherever you like. This is an alternative to adding the fixed position footer in step 4 and is much easier. Simply follow steps 1 through 3 below and then right click on the HTML box and choose PIN TO SCREEN

We will be updating the video below soon to include this new option.

Here is a video walkthrough that will guide you through the process.


Here are detailed instructions on adding the widget to a site.

This is a sample site for showing you what the widget should look like once it’s been installed:

Step 1.

First you will need to copy the Widget code from the dashboard.

Log in to the dashboard:

1. Click “Admin” at the top of the dashboard.
2. Copy the Widget Code you see to the right in the assets column.

Step 2.

Login to your account
Click the Blue Edit button to make changes to your site.
Click Add (it’s the plus sign on the menu to the left in WIX editor)



Then click More at the bottom of the list and choose HTML Code.




On the HTML settings screen click the ENTER CODE button. A small window will open. This is where you will paste the widget code you copied from the dashboard. Then Click UPDATE. Close the HTML settings box.




Step 3.

You will now have the HTML box with the widget code on the page. Now we need to Resize This HTML Box. Click once on the HTML box to highlight it. Then to the right in the settings toolbar change the size to Width: 345 and Height: 405. Now the box is big enough for the widget to expand when opened.



ATTENTION: You can now SKIP STEP 4 by right clicking on the HTML box and choose PIN TO SCREEN. Then drag the box to the bottom right corner of your site. (or wherever you would like the widget to appear.)

Step 4.

Go to the bottom of your site where the footer is. This is the area that has the copyright notice and usually says “Proudly created with”

When you Right Click into the footer area you will see a small menu pop up for the footer.  At the bottom of this menu there is an option for “Freeze Position”.  You must check this box or the Widget will only show up at the very bottom of the page. Using the Freeze Position option will solve this problem.


Step 5.

Now Drag the HTML box to the Footer Area of your site. You will see a Move to Footer message appear. Click Move to Footer.


This will expand the Footer to the height of the HTML Box. You can click on the footer and drag it up from the bottom to return it to it’s normal size.



Then make sure that the Top of the Widget lines up with the Top of the Footer area as shown above.


Step 6. 


Click Preview at the top right of the dashboard. Check the widget. Make sure when you click on it it’s aligned to your satisfaction and the entire top of the widget is visible. If you like what you see go back to the editor and click Publish! If not you can drag the HTML box to make adjustments. That’s it you’re done!