The Difference between Sites, Pages & Profiles |

When you sign up for an account with you can add an unlimited number of Properties – currently there are two types of properties Sites & Pages,  and in addition each agent account has one Profile.

  • Sites” refer to Websites that you can add a chat widget to and answer live chats from.
  • Pages” refer to the hosted Pages. Eg.
  • When we refer to “Profiles” we are referring to the personal Profiles we provide to users. Eg.

Pages are great for users that don’t have a website.  For example you may wish to create a Page for an Ebay listing or online classified advertisement. You can use any name you want for a Page, as long as it’s not already taken.

  • To add a new Site or Page login to the Dashboard -> Admin -> Then click on the Green Button that says “+ Add” in the property column.
  • To edit your Profile login to the Dashboard -> On the top right hand corner click the My Profile icon

Examples :