Using the Pre-Chat Form |

Here is a video showing you how to add a pre-chat form to the visitor widget.

You can use the Pre-Chat Form to ask your visitors questions before the chat begins.

  • Go to Admin at the Top of the Dashboard

  • Click on Widget Content.

  • Select the Pre-Chat Form radio button, then click the “Switch” from off to on.

  • Once you have clicked the On Switch you can add the fields you would like to have in the Pre-Chat Form.
  • You can make any field required by clicking the little grey asterisks at the top right of the field.
  • You can edit the text for each field by clicking the pencil icon above each field.


You must have the Pre-Chat Form enabled to use the Departments feature. To use this feature please be sure to check the box that says “Request Department”. Learn how to setup Departments in