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Date Posted: June 21, 2021

tawk.to is the world’s most widely used business chat application, with over 7 million active business users globally. We are looking to hire a smart, reliable, and dedicated Webmaster who will be responsible for coding and modifying website layouts based on specifications.

If these Values strike a chord, then you may just be the next High-flyer we are looking for:

Family-oriented – you understand that family comes before work

Honest – all we have in this world is our word

Teachable – we do not expect you to know everything, you just have to be willing to learn and grow

Loyal – customers will come and go, but our team sticks around for a reason

Reliable – you are the type of person that your friends and family know they can rely on

Job Requirements:

The position is responsible for coding and modifying websites layouts based on specifications

Desired skills:

  • The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of UI, HTML and CSS.
  • Ability to develop in PHP
  • Good understanding of partial page updates
  • Basic knowledge of resizing images
  • Understanding of product collection and tags in Shopify
  • Know how to utilize a child theme in WordPress
  • Understanding of the foundation of web security such as SSL management, details on tasks

Job Responsibilities:

The position is responsible for coding and modifying websites layouts based on specifications


  • Add new pages or posts
  • Edit content: text, images, slideshow
  • Create custom content such forms and blogs and add shortcodes
  • Add new themes
  • Update WordPress plugins
  • Upgrade the PHP version when requested by the hosting company
  • Upgrade the WordPress platform version


  • Setup new stores
  • Customize functions such as display SKU, hide short description
  • Setup product gallery
  • Setup shipping as required


  • Add topic pages
  • Add products/category images
  • Bulk handling of product lists editing
  • Bulk handling of product images
  • Modify template using cloud tools from nop-templates.com


  • Create new pages
  • Add new products/category and their images
  • Edit theme CSS
  • Add content such as PDFs, maps and videos

Google Forms

  • Create new forms
  • Add formulas to form result pages as needed
  • Add tools such as email notification and printing

Search Engine Optimization

  • Edit website based on Google Analytics as requested
  • Know how to use the Google search console to fix visibility issues
  • Use the Yoast plugin in WordPress
  • Use Meta tags in HTML
  • Use Shopify SEO segment


  • Excellent English communication skills – can clearly and effectively convey the right information in written form; has effective probing skills
  • Flexible – willing to take on tasks, instructions and/or work requests as needed
  • Customer-focused – someone who is willing to go an extra mile for their clients
  • Resilient – can work with less supervision, adapt to a fast-paced environment, and multi-task effectively
  • Possesses excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Familiar with Google Suite, cloud services, and other online tools
  • Amenable to work on US hours
  • Amenable to work on 40hours/week
  • Amenable to work on PH Holidays

Basic Technical Requirements

  • Your own laptop/desktop PC with the following minimum specs: i3 5th gen and above/AMD equivalent; 8GB RAM; Mozilla or Chrome installed
  • A consistent and stable internet connection of at least 10Mbps with a backup internet connection
  • A quiet and dedicated workspace at home

Job Application Form

Job Application Form

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