The interviewing process can be tedious and time-consuming.
Use Interviewer.AI as your 24×7 recruitment productivity tool. It will get your hiring shortlists, while you get real work done.
Our platform digitizes your hiring process in 5 simple steps:
Accept applications
Pre-Interview all applicants
Shortlist top talent
Interview the best candidate
Onboard new hire
We have built an Explainable AI framework that assesses candidates’ soft skills through evaluation of key success factors identified by I/O psychology heuristics. Their AI models are trained to be blind towards age, genders, ethnicity for a fair and objective assessment approach. When augmented with traditional talent acquisition human resource processes that they include with Résumé Scoring, and WorkMap Assessment, their Explainable AI brings the value of objectiveness, scalability, and explain ability to the professional human teams to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of the department.
All you need is a Business email ID, Get access today!

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